Fireball Recovery and InterPlanetary Observation Network

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European Fireball Network , Paris, 2018 june 11-13

Monday June 11th morning

FRIPON project status, Chairman : F. Colas, B. Zanda

Optical network (F.Colas)
Radio network (JL Rault)
Freeture (M. Garnung)
Pipe Line (J. Vaubaillon )
Astrometry (S. Jeanne)
Vigie-Ciel (B. Zanda, A. Steinhausser)
Camera Building, Fripon 1.5 (F. Cochard)

Monday June 11th afternoon

National Feedbacks Chairman : M. Birlan, J.L. Rault

FRIPON (France - F. Colas)
PRISMA (Italy - D. Gardiol)
Germany (T. Ott - E. Drolshagen)
BRAMS (Belgium - H. Lamy, presentation J.L. Rault)
SCAMP (UK - J. Rowe, A. Shuttleworth)
MOROI (Romania - A. Nedelcu)
FRIPON-NL (Netherlands - A. Toni)
Annama : First meteorite recovery from the Finnish Fireball Network(M. Gritsevich)
Fireball seen from Murmansk

Round table : extension of the network and cooperation

Invited talk : Osiris-Rex (R. Binzel)

Organisation of national networks
European / National core team
Technical constraints
report of the round table

Tuesday June 12 morning,

Data policy and network extension (E-FRIPON) Chairman : J. Vaubaillon, A. Steinhausse

Sprites (France - M. Garnung)
Feedback on IMO/AMS network (V. Perlerin)
Intro on data policy, why a European project ? (F. Colas)
Constraints on the network : data acquisition, transfer, storage. (A. Malgoyre)
Database current state, data produced (F.Colas)

Round table : Data Policy

Tuesday June 12 afternoon

Data access
Configuration of stations
Report of the round table

Conclusion and next steps
Data policy
Team members