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2016 August 6th Fireball

Tuesday 6 September 2016

On August 6, 2016 a large fireball passed over the center of France, he was seen by hundreds of people in France see on the website of French observers: REFORME, see also IMO/AMS site. The magnitude of the fireball was about of -10, is was seen from an altitude of 120km to 50km, it is exceptional but not sufficient to produce a meteorite.

(2016-08-06 22h07m TU)

Trajectory of the fireball, green circles correspond to observations, the red and black for covered stations or not yet installed. The geometry of this path shows the importance of a dense network.

Fichier kml (Google Earth) permettant de visualiser la trajectoire du bolide en 3D

Detection by the radar station of Orleans, we only obseved the echo of the turbulent tail due to the geometry of this event, echo on the meteor head was not detected. The next commissioning of all radio stations will solve this problem.