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You want to contribute to the project FRIPON

Would you like to make your contribution to the search for meteorites on the ground once they have been detected by the FRIPON network? Would you participate in the identification of impact craters on Earth from satellite images? Would you purchase a camera to participate to the detection of fireballs ?
These are the objectives of the project Vigie -Ciel ...

To stay in contact with our network please contact the Vigie-Ciel coordinator Asma Steinhausser specifying where you come from and what is the activity in which you would like to get involved.

Host a camera

To give everyone the opportunity to physically participate in the establishment of the cameras, three networks will be distinguished , corresponding to 3 levels of material and quality requirements : FRIPON ( paid and maintained by public funds) FRIPON - participative , and Vigie -Ciel.
Only approved cameras will be integrated into " FRIPON - participative" network, they will be connected via a server and controlled by a the FRIPON software. Vigie-Ciel network will be open to everyone with its hardware, but the data will be stored individually , as they can not be maintained by FRIPON network.

-  Information will be provided on this site during the establishment of the networks to purchase your own equipment approved to enter into the "FRIPON Participative network" , or to participate to the Vigie Ciel network.

Test camera OMEA (2) at Pic du Midi Observatory

- Participate to field campaigns :

Areas affected by falls are typically of the order of thirty kilometers 2 , too large to go with a small team, the idea is to rely on citizens to form local pools of " meteorites researchers". The central motivation Vigie Ciel project is to support the scientific FRIPON project by teaching the public the recognition of meteorites. This project is obviously seen as an opportunity to strengthen and develop contacts between the worlds of research, scientific media, education ( Vigie Ciel Ecole) and the public to disseminate knowledge about meteorites and planetary science .
Vigie-Ciel educational project is based on a participatory site and on a human network of regional, academic and education correspondents. The role of local clubs (astronomical or geological) will be to educate the public to recognition of rocks and meteorites using educational tools available to them by the Regional educational Centres, and help to build the pool of " reseachers " and the organisation of the research campaigns. Information to get closer to a club in your area will be posted on the site Vigie Ciel .